13 June 2011

Bias & Pro-government

It has been quite a long time since my last political post in this blog. This is because I found that our current political scenario seems to be boring and did not incite me to write about it. It is also because our politician both the government and the opposition are more interested in indulging with the so called 'politik murahan', pornographic video and sex issues rather than performing their job to uphold the interest of the people. But yet, they still beg the people to vote for them. Funny and stupid right?

I might be seen by people as one of the government's supporter. Perhaps sometimes it is obvious through my writings which usually criticise the opposition although I did criticise the government as well. I should make myself clear that it is not because I am secular or what not. I have tried my best to be neutral but I cannot bear when people claim themselves to be Islamic and declare that they fight for Islam but showing the opposite than what they are suppose to do.

When people with lack of religious knowledge do sin, of course it is not acceptable because sin is never acceptable but we could still understand it in the sense that it was because of his lack of religious knowledge. However, this reason is lame when it comes from religious person what more if the person himself declared to the public that he is religious who fights for Islam.

This would be the very reason why sometimes I am being seen as bias. However in my point of view it is not bias. Different people deserved different treatment. The law might treat them equally but not from the moral point of view.

Not only that these people (who claim themselves to be Islamic and fight for Islam but act on the opposite) are immoral but they also tarnish the image and sanctity of Islam. The non-Muslims especially, will think that the way they act is how Islam teaches its believers to behave while the reality is not.

Plus, this behaviour can be understood to mean that they are not actually Islamic but exploitation of Islam to fulfill their mission that is to govern the country. This is not a wild accusation. Please note my words 'can be understood'.

The pro-opposition, for sure, will not be pleased with this writing. Regardless of whatever justification that I give they will still label me as a government supporter. But who cares?

I do not believe in loyalty to political party. Escpecially Malaysian political party. This is because they did not deserve our loyalty. They operate based on lie, wild accusation, hatred and manipulation. And I mean both the government and the opposition though some of them claimed to be religious.

I cannot wait to see this becoming General Election but I have not decided which party should I vote? Or perhaps all of them do not deserve my vote?

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