30 November 2010

Electrical Usage at Home

I got this from an email. Below is a short table of common electrical appliances and a rough estimate on how much they cost to run for every hour. (The cost may seem low, but remember, even using 3 sen/hour means that you will be paying about RM 20 per month if you leave it on for 24 hours a day) 

Estimated cost (sen/hour)
Fluorescent lights
1 sen
Wireless Router
1 sen
ASTRO decoder + dish
2 sen
Table Fan
2 sen
Incandescent lights
3 sen
Ceiling Fan
3 sen
Computer (laptop)
5 sen
CRT (normal) TV (21 inch)
3 sen
LCD TV (32 inch)
7 sen
Computer (desktop)
9 sen
Plasma TV (42 inch)
10 sen
Washing Machine
15 sen
Vaccuum Cleaner
17 sen
Electrical Clothes Iron
33 sen
Electric Hot Plate
46 sen
Air Conditioning
46 sen
Electric Water Kettle
50 sen

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