02 October 2010

Over Protective, Underestimate

These are 2 important elements that ensure the ignorance and stupidity of Muslim Malay youth. I still remember when I was form 3 there was this controversial article written by Astora Jabat in Al-Islam on the topic of "Rambut Wanita Bukan Aurat". I took that article and pasted in on the softboard in my class. My intention was that not to actually mislead my friend into believing that women's hair is not aurah but for them to read, open their mind and think.

Controversial issues for me are sometimes good as they attract the curiosity of the people to know and actually think and discuss about it. But some people think that they have the role of protecting the society from it. Among this people is one of my ustaz. He entered my class and saw that article. He asked me to remove it on the spot and give the article to him which I did with my heart saying, "what is the problem with this man?".

Another situation was this one time, I approached my ustaz (different ustaz) and asked him opinion on certain religious question. He said, "wait until you grow up then i will explain it to you". Of course my heart said, "what the heck?" though I left with disappointment. 

From my point of view, my ustaz had not save me or my friends from being astray but what he has done was leaving us in ignorance. You cannot claim yourself as savior when you save people by the way of ensuring them unaware of the matter. This is what I call as over-protective, when you protect a person from something which you not supposed to. This may happen because the protector underestimate the protectorate that he is unable to deal with such a matter. Or as simple as the protector is lazy enough to further explain the matter to the protectorate or the protector is also unable to solve the problem.

Furthermore, human is gifted with aqal to think and ponder. When you stop people from thinking you are belittling him as if they are animal which has no ability to think. They way that my ustaz had taken is very impractical and actually will lead to a bigger problem in future. The question to be answered is whether you can protect a person by that way forever? What will happen when they are forced to face that problem in your absence? 

Human mind must be trained, once you let yourself to be comfortable in ignorance, you will be forever in that state. And this is the major problem of the Muslim society nowadays. I believe this situation did not only happen in my school but all over the world. Please change our attitude and spend some time to think.

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Anonymous said...

either that or both your ustaz were ignorant fools...