15 February 2009

Islamic Concept of Justice

Justice if define from the Islamic prospective is putting something on the right place. This definition might have some similarity with those promote by others perspective but it is absolutely vary when it comes to the fundamental concept of the justice itself. Justice in Islam is not necessarily means equality as what most mankind believe and have been fighting for since centuries ago. Justice in Islam simply refers to what Allah has signified through His holy book and messenger as just and appropriate for His servant. Conversely, others perspective usually define justice base on their mind, culture or what they refer as nature.

As we Muslims believe that Allah has the absolute power to decide on something, we shall have no right whatsoever to condemn His commandment even if it does not satisfy our will. The reason is very simple, as He is our creator, He knows what would be the best that will fit our necessities. To condemn the commandment of god is absolutely the act of disobedience.

During an interview I was asked by the one of the interviewers why I am enthusiastic to see Islamic law is being enforced in this country. My answer to them was simply because god never make mistake. Usually we human being will feel dissatisfy with what has been prescribed by our religion because we feel it is incongruous with our needs. However the truth is that we fail to realise the rationale behind those commandments which are nothing but to benefit us.

To exemplify that justice is not necessarily means equality let I give you some example. In Islam a woman have to cover the whole body except her face and both her hands but a man only have to cover from his navel till his knee. Is this is just? Why a woman has so many things to cover and a man not?

If we refer justice as equality obviously it is unjust for a woman to have such obligation. Yet, it is just in Islam. Probably someone will ponder why I am saying that such is just? The answer is easy, as I said before it is just because the god said so. Then, later we may think all the reason behind that commandment but the main point is that the only factor to be consider in determining whether or not something is just is by referring what the god has said about it.

Perhaps some people will view Islam as a rigid religion because everything must be referred to the god’s view. So what they expect in their life? Don’t they think that the responsible of a servant is to serve His master and do whatever that will please him? Another justification is that justice should be a standard, which is certain and definite and not vary according to human mind because if justice is to be left to human to think on, there would nothing whatsoever to be called as justice since everyone will define it according to what will benefit him only although it might give harm to others.

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BaBbliNg BaR0nNESs said...


yupp. God's law is truly d best.
hmmm. do we need a campaign done 2 make them understand d nature of islamic laws?..
i mean..its not brutal, in a sense, it calls 4 more justice n tolerance.
mayb those who dont want it cnt leave their sinned lifestyle..