15 October 2008

Sorry, Wrong Person!

I adopt the definition of justice in Islam which I believe to be the most accurate and simple. Justice is defined as 'to put something at the right place or where it deserved to be placed'. On the other hand, to put something where it should not be placed is injustice.

Thus I wonder, whether to honour foreigner with the 'Datuk' title can be considered as 'putting something at the right place'. To rationalize the action, the responsible party gave excuse that the 'Datuk-to-be' had promoted Malacca to the world through his film which had excited people to visit Malacca. So, he deserved to be honoured with that title.

I do not think that the 'Datuk-to-be' intentionally promotes Malacca as a tourist destination, it is just a coincident result when he exploits the beauty of Malacca as location for filming.

What is actually the value of the title since it is easily given nowadays? Even young artists are easily honoured with the title only by singing and having some gossips. I even heard that the title can be bought with a large amount of money but I do not sure whether it is true or not.

Decades ago, people with 'Datuk' title is respected by the society due to his great contribution to the country and its citizen. It is not easily honoured to layman like today.

Many had expressed their disagreement to the idea. Hopefully the government of Malacca will reconsider the idea based on arguments made by the society and some other organization. However,I do not know if, the people's voice is no longer the main concern of leaders and government.

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