09 October 2008


I was watching the local news yesterday when I heard 'someone' says:

"As the deputy, I have to show my loyalty. Don’t tell me that at meetings, I have to oppose and go against the leader... that’s not the way, that’s very bad..."

I wonder whether loyalty means to follow and abide with everthing made by leader without any query or doubt? Does to question or to disagree with leader's opinion or act means that we oppose and go against him?

It is very sad if that idea has become the mentality of the people. That version of 'loyalty' is more to flatter the leader rather than to be loyal to him. By doing so, we are treating leaders like prophets which made no mistake. I do not think that leaders deserved that holy status.

Disagreement not necessarily cause chaos if it is made with proper way and suitable manner. If we keep follow leaders' order even when we are actually disagree with them but we hesitate to voice it, leaders will think that they are always right and can make everything that they want and no one will argue about it. This will do nothing except leads the country into distruction.

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