03 October 2008


It has been quite a while since my last poetry post. Hence, I would like to publish this poem which might have or might not have relationship with me, it is for you to discover if you are pleased to do so or else it is just a piece of my art.

I am sorry if you hardly found any personal story of mine (if you are looking for it here) since my intention of having blog is to benefit the readers, to share knowledge, information, thoughts or even to critise on something.

My personal life is not for public knowledge and there is no point to tell story about one's life since everyone have their own which I believe they themselves hardly manage. Also, I feel it is stupid to tell people what I have done yesterday, my activities, my meal and etc. since it gives no effect and people gain nothing for knowing that.

People who use blog as a medium to publish their personal life is mentally weak and not self-motivated since they cannot live if there is no one listen to their story. Thus, I fell pity for them. Some of them do not know how to lead life and make decision and always ask others what to do and make decision for them. This kind of people do not deserved life. There is no point for them living in this world since they cannot even decide their own way of life.

Here I present to you my poem which I purposely make it sound like 'Bahasa Melayu Indonesia'. I hope you will enjoy it.


Aku pantas hidup dengan tetesan air mata,
Asal saja keberadaanku bahagia,
Namun tawa yang sesaat itu tak pun kuimpikan,
Bila yang benarnya hati ini kedukaan,

Karna tangisan itu tak apa-apa,
Dan barangkali mengartikan bahagia,
Tapi tawa itu yang sering mengingkari,
Saat riang direntap pergi,

Ketelanjuranku kuhimpun satu,
Jadi penghinaan disampingku,
Barang-barang dapat juga kubaca,
Yang aku ini bukannya siapa-siapa,

Baiknya aku biarkan berlalu,
Jadi kenangan yang tak pernah berlaku,
Barang-barang dapat juga orang bicara,
Yang aku ini bukannya siapa-siapa…

Gombak13/7/08, 4.15pm


H e r said...

Freedom of choice.

Anonymous said...

basically,i agree with ur point dat ppl whose are always bragging bout their life in blogs are mentally weak and not self-motivated...well,not all them are like dat bcoz just simply says "i just had dinner" doesnt mean u're really dat pathetic..wat i mean is da persons who tell their sad stories just 2 earn sympathy from other readers,or even worse,criticizing and condemning their own families..but dat doesnt mean they dont deserve 2 live..who are we 2 decide someone deserves 2 live or not??are u gonna put a bullet in his cranium if he doesnt??just remmber,we're tenagers and we not exactly emotionally stable as the mature adults..dats why some of us are still searching 4 their an opinion is virtuous,but being judgmental is another thing

ps:i dont hav a blog,but like read others..and i found out dat ur blog is one of other blogs dat most attracted me